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My roommate mowed the lawn today. It looks nice. But it means something, it means my turn is next. Mowing the lawn is something I did far less than most kids, I’m pretty sure my dad enjoyed it. I’m not sure why, but he never asked me to do it (which is definitely a good thing). Yes, there are worse things to have to do than mow the lawn, and no, this isn’t a complaint. I’m not sure anyone aside from dads enjoy doing it though, it is hard work, plus you get sweaty and covered in grass clippings. But the yard must look good!

This post won’t be very long; as there isn’t really much to say. But I have a question for you: How big is your yard? This isn’t theoretical or metaphorical at all, I’m talking about the grass around your house; how much of it do you have? Compare it to all of Earth’s land mass, now how much do you have? Merely a fraction of a percent of all of Earth’s land belongs to you. But that doesn’t stop you from putting in hard work to make it as nice and worthwhile as you can. The same applies to YOU. In the grand scheme of time, how much of it will our lives occupy? Merely a fraction of a percent. But that does nothing to devalue your time. Certainly it shouldn’t stop you from making your fraction of a percent be the best darn fraction it can be. At the end of the day, yes, you’re only here for a brief moment, but it’s YOUR brief moment. Looking back, a lot of people have had a lot of brief moments; so work hard, put in the effort, and go the extra mile to make yours a brief moment worth remembering.